Knowing Amazing People

28 Aug

Amazing people never stop amazing us. Some of us are inspired and motivated by their amazingness. And, some of us use their amazingness as a benchmark by which we measure our own accomplishments, goals, dreams, and ambitions.

Who Is Amazing?
Amazing people are those who defy all naysayers. They press forward against the winds of negativity and ignore the voices of doubters. In fact, amazing people thrive on proving doubters wrong. They’re competitive. They do not benchmark themselves against others, but against their own previous personal best. They exceed the expectations of others and with each success they set the bar higher for themselves and others. Amazing people overcome obstacles becoming stronger with each hurdle they jump.

Why Are They Amazing?
Is it nature or nurture? Do amazing people set out to be amazing? It’s my opinion that part of their amazingness is that they’re unaware of it. They’re too busy being amazing to really give it any thought. In fact, if we ask them, they probably are genuinely unaware of the influence they wield. They defy convention and gain momentum through their accomplishments. Subsequently, their amazingness grows organically.

What Can We Gain from Amazing People?
Amazing people help us realize what is possible. They remind us that our dreams, goals, and ambitions are limitless. They teach us that being unconventional yields great rewards. They teach us the importance of fearlessness and pressing through our fears in order to grow. They give us optimism and share their enthusiasm to push beyond our own conventions and boundaries so we too can become amazing.

Do you know any amazing people who have shared their amazingness with you?


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